Viviantie Sarjuni

General Manager at Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre

Viviantie has a broad background specialised in education, community, startup development and capacity building. She is currently leading Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre as a General Manager. Prior to coming back to serve her home-state, Viviantie was a Programme Manager in MaGIC, served as mentor in residence and responsible in the planning of entrepreneurship programmes nationwide. In addition, she has 17 years of working experience at all levels, in various industries - hotel, cybersecurity, international contact centre management, education and entrepreneurship.

Viviantie is also the founder of Borneo Startups Community (BoSCo), a community driven group - aims to build an entrepreneurial - minded startup community and driving innovation and creativity among entrepreneurs across all business stages in Borneo. She is also the co-founder of a coffee business - Borneo Specialty Coffee (BosCo) which she runs together with her husband, hoping to create an impact by helping rural coffee farmers in Borneo to sustain their incomes and commercialize the beans regionally.

She is a firm believer in lifelong learning - accompanied by GRIT. To her, learning never ends - professionally or personally and it is crucial to have the ability to persevere despite challenges. Her ambition is to empower the youth and women especially in the rural community by providing them not only the platform but skills and knowledge to excel.