Dr Roslan Bakri Zakaria

Co-founder and CEO of Random Collectives

I had 6 startups. Mainly in tech and tech/social innovation. I am heavily involved in all aspects of entrepreneurship. From idea development to commercialisation to growth. I have also contributed to the Nation by creating and building the tech entrepreneur ecosystem.

Additionally, I was heavily involved in policy for the tech and social entrepreneur industry that covers everything from idea management to growth. I also lead a team in bringing new ideas on how the Government can better engage the community through empowerment and genuine engagement. I had introduced open data and open government to the Ministries. I was also deeply involved in the bumi agenda.

10.00AM - 11.00AM- Panel Session 1

Tuesday 26th Jan, 2021

Quadruple Helix Discussion - Digital Transformation & Innovation

Today, involving the public in research, development, and innovation is the dominant paradigm both in international STI-policy and in innovation research. Academia, government and industry — the other three of the four subsystems of the quadruple helix—have already collaboration with “society” as trans- disciplinary (academic & research), open science and deliberate democracy (govt), and user-centered innovation (industry), respectively. But these discourses only take place at an academic level or within the individual subsystems, while there have been “few attempts to engage the public in dialogue”.

The goal of this discussion is to identify desirable and productive forms of interaction between the scientific community and the public. How do we make science-technology- innovation as an everyday topic of the layperson? How do the 4 “actors” in the quadruple-helix setup channels and standards for public interaction? How do we develop talent in STI?