Raiyo Nariman

Managing Partner at Serendipity Ventures

Raiyo Nariman specializes in commercialization of technology & intellectual property, and the development, funding and growth of start-ups. As a Venture Manager, Raiyo personally invests in, and partners with, founders & innovators, taking a hands-on role, to ensure successful execution of commercialization & growth strategies, business development & market entry, and capital raising.

As the founding VP for the Malaysian Business Angel Network, he played a key role in establishing the current angel investor community in Malaysia and has also established, developed and managed angel networks in Hong Kong and Singapore, and works with angel clubs and associations across Asia and the West.

Raiyo is MD and Partner in Serendipity Ventures, a Hong Kong-based boutique venture management firm, where he personally invests in early stage ventures and takes Executive Director positions to execute the commercialization strategy and take the ventures to market.