Lennise Ng

CEO & Co-Founder at Dropee

Lennise is the CEO & Co-Founder of Dropee – a B2B eCommerce platform that enables wholesalers to be closer to their customers on both online and offline channels. She is also working closely with various leading companies in Malaysia to accelerate their corporate innovation via FNC Labs. Lennise is very passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. Since graduation, she has been working within the tech ecosystem from venture-building accelerators to multinational tech companies. Lennise is also the 3rd-generation of a traditional family business that manufactures and distributes rubber products. Combining the two worlds, Lennise then started Dropee to address the issues of a growing wholesale business and how technology can speed up its growth and improve customer experience. A start-up cheerleader by heart, Lennise is currently an active mentor for various start-up events and hackathons.

2.00PM - 3.00PM - Panel Session 2

Tuesday 26th Jan, 2021

Innovation in Industry

Technology innovation is a key foundation to all of the businesses of the esteemed panel which includes innovations in content delivery, customer behavior analytics, B2B supply-chain and drone-technology for use in remote-sensing, aerial survey and asset inspection. Each of these founders will share aspects of their business journey.

How did they find early adopters of their tech platforms or services? How did they expand their customer or user base? How do they monitor innovation within the company? How do they keep abreast of new innovations that may disrupt THEIR OWN business? How do they attract and retain talent that brings innovation to their business operations or business culture?