Eizzar Supiar

Sr. Investment Manager at Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd

Eizzar Supiar or Jai has been part of Cradle since 2012. He is a senior officer with over 15 years of experience in business finance, financial forecasting & budgeting, and auditing. He was previously in-charge of the Group’s Angel Tax Incentive Initiative (ATIO) where he was responsible to stimulate and encourage angel investments from the private sector into technology-based start-ups companies in Malaysia by providing a funding avenue that would allow them to grow.

During his time with Cradle, he assumed a key role in the Strategic Partnership Unit in managing and driving collaborations between Cradle and other organisations that support the development of local technology-based start-ups.

Jai has diverse knowledge in the corporate and start-up scene and has played a significant role in evaluating and recommending a number of Cradle’s CIP500, CIP300, DEQ800 applications and Cradle’s newly launched grant product – CIP Ignite and CIP Accelerate. He has a Bachelor's Degree of Accounting (Hons) from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

Jai is currently a Senior Manager of Investment and continues playing a pivotal role in helping local technology-based entrepreneurs and start-ups achieve success.