MYHackathon FAQs


Yes, you can. BUT – please make sure that you are able to commit to the all the hackathon schedules

Yes, you can. BUT – please make sure that you are able to commit to all the hackathon schedules

Companies should have been incorporated on or later than 1 September 2015

Sprint category is targeted to those who wish to experience a hackathon, enjoy ideation and coding, but cannot commit to the one-year development plan and roll-out after the hackathon.

Marathon category is for those seeking an opportunity to showcase their solution or technology to the Malaysian Government and is willing to deploy the pilot project over a period of one-year. Also, they must be willing to comply to the grant conditions set by CRADLE.

A total of six hackathon sessions between the months of September and December 2020

The actual hackathon is 7 days: 1 day on-site, 6 days remote or online. 

You have to submit your prototype and presentation materials on Day 7 by 11pm.

Technically, you can do the entire hackathon virtually. But, your team and you SHOULD try to attend the Launch Day of each hackathon because you will get detailed briefings, a free Ideation and Design Thinking workshop, and meet your Hackathon Coach.

A panel of judges will shortlist the top 20 solutions from that hackathon: 10 from the Sprint submissions, and another 10 from the Marathon submissions.

If you are shortlisted, you MUST ATTEND the 1-day bootcamp, and pitch your idea on the 2nd day. Winners of the hackathon will be announced on the same day.


There are a total of SIX (6) hackathons this year. Each hackathon is assigned a THEME. Each theme has a few detailed problem statements. You can submit a solution for ONE problems statement. However, depending on your creativity and innovation, you can state in your presentation that YOUR SOLUTION can cover two or more other problems statements within the same THEME.

The Problem Statements are released SEVEN (7) days prior to a hackathon.

To view or download the Problem Statements Infokit, just go to the respective MYHackathon event page. For example: The “Prihatin Rakyat” problem statements can be found under MYHackathon Kuala Lumpur.

During the SEVEN (7) day online hackathon, your team and you:

  1. Will be assigned ONE coach
  2. Are required to attend at least 4 hours of mentoring or coaching
  3. Are encouraged to attend the online webinars

Each team will receive a Project Submission URL link. For the final submission, you are required to:

  1. Fill up a Submission Form
  2. Upload your Presentation Deck
  3. Share the link and access-info to your prototype or solution. ** This is COMPULSORY for the Marathon category, but not necessary for the Sprint category. 


If your solution is shortlisted, your team leader will be notified by email and by phone call.

YES. YES. YES.  If you are shorlisted, you and one other team member MUST attend the bootcamp. The rest of your team can attend the bootcamp – but not as a requirement.

Each hackathon is hosted at a different Malaysian state each time. You can attend the hackathon virtually  and submit your project from any where. BUT, you and one other team member MUST travel to the respective hackathon state for the Bootcamp and Pitch Day. For Example: If you submitted for Prihatin Rakyat, the Bootcamp will be held in Kuala Lumpur. If you are from Sabah – you must travel to Kuala Lumpur.