MYHackathon FAQs


Yes, you can. BUT – please make sure that you are able to commit to all the hackathon schedules.

Yes, you can. BUT – please make sure that you are able to commit to all the hackathon schedules. Please note that if you have won any MYHackathon (Sprint or Marathon), either as team leader or team member, you will not be allowed to win again. One IC number can only win once in MYHackathon 2020 programme.

Companies should have been incorporated on or later than 1 September 2015

Sprint category is targeted to those who wish to experience a hackathon, enjoy ideation and coding, but cannot commit to the one-year development plan and roll-out after the hackathon.

Marathon category is for those seeking an opportunity to showcase their solution or technology to the Malaysian Government and is willing to deploy the pilot project over a period of one-year. Also, they must be willing to comply to the grant conditions set by CRADLE.

A total of six hackathon sessions between the months of September and December 2020

Every Hackathon program is 7 days duration, done as FULLY ONLINE (no physical program)

Your team must submit your pitch deck & prototype latest by Day 7, before 11.00 pm.

After the CMCO announcements by MKN for almost all of the states in Malaysia, all MYHackathon programs will now be done on a FULLY ONLINE basis, meaning there will be NO PHYSICAL events, due to following MKN directive on strict Covid-19 SOP.

A panel of judges will shortlist the top 20 solutions from that hackathon: 10 from the Sprint submissions, and another 10 from the Marathon submissions.

If you are shortlisted, you MUST ATTEND the 1-day bootcamp, and another day for Final Pitch. Both days is done FULLY ONLINE. Winners of the hackathon will be announced on the same day.


There are a total of SIX (6) hackathons this year. Each hackathon is assigned a THEME. Each theme has a few detailed problem statements. You can submit a solution for ONE problems statement. However, depending on your creativity and innovation, you can state in your presentation that YOUR SOLUTION can cover two or more other problems statements within the same THEME.

The Problem Statements are released SEVEN (7) days prior to a hackathon.

To view or download the Problem Statements Infokit, just go to the respective MYHackathon event page. For example: The “Prihatin Rakyat” problem statements can be found under MYHackathon Kuala Lumpur.

During the SEVEN (7) day online hackathon, your team and you:

  1. Will be getting coaching from MYHackathon panel of coaches
  2. Is greatly encouraged to seek & book mentoring session from our panel of mentors in the MYHackathon Mentoring Portal (link will be shared after the Hackathon program starts)
  3. Are encouraged to attend all the online webinars

Each team will receive a Project Submission URL link. For the final submission, you are required to:

  1. Fill up a Submission Form
  2. Upload your Presentation Deck
  3. Share the link and access-info to your prototype or solution. ** This is COMPULSORY for the Marathon category, but not necessary for the Sprint category. 


If your solution is shortlisted, your team leader will be notified by email and phone call, on Day 12 of the respective MYHackathon program

YES. YES. YES.  If you are shortlisted, you and one other team member MUST attend the bootcamp, which shall be done on a FULLY ONLINE basis. Your other team members is encouraged to join the bootcamp, but is not mandatory.

All of the MYHackathon program will be hosted on a FULLY ONLINE basis. There is no physical events & you can attend all the program from the comfort and safety of your home. 


1. The bootcamp day and final pitch day will be done fully online for all participants via Zoom Video Call software. Since it is all done online, you don’t need to come to us to attend the programme.

1. All team leaders and team members will remain as per submissions form. No changes are allowed.

2. Your team can choose to enter either as Sprint Category or Marathon Category during the submission period. After the Submission Form is submitted, categories are NOT interchangeable and any request for changes will not be entertained.

3. The team leaders and a representative MUST attend all Zoom sessions. (At least 1 person for a 2 member team and 2 persons for a team that has 3 or more team members.

4. Only the names that were clearly indicated in the submission forms will be allowed to attend the Bootcamp Day & Final Pitch Day Zoom sessions. Our secretariat will be checking names of all attendees against the submission list.

5. If the team leader of a 2 member team is not able to attend the event for medical reasons, (with MC from a government hospital) the other team member will attend ALL the sessions on behalf.

6. Teams that consists of 3 or more members, will be represented by their team leader and another team member chosen by the team for the pitching session. The pitching format will be clearly explained during the bootcamp day session by the training and coaching team. (5 minutes pitch and 5 minutes Q&A)

7. Teams without any representative(s) to attend the Bootcamp sessions will NOT be allowed to pitch in the Final Pitch Day. They will be automatically disqualified from the respective MYHackathon programme.

1. The Bootcamp and The Final Pitch Day will be conducted from 8:00am – 5:00pm. Team representative(s) are required to sit in for the FULL session. Please ensure availability to attend ALL the sessions. If you are working on that day, please apply for leave.

2. The online format of this programme will be conducted fully via Zoom Video Call Software. Please ensure that your team representative(s) has a stable high speed internet connectivity (Wifi or 4G LTE). Eg: If your house has no stable Wifi connection, please look into other solutions such as purchasing a prepaid mobile plan that has 4G LTE coverage in the area. If you find your house is not conducive for Zoom Video Sessions please find a quiet place where you can sit uninterrupted for 9 hours.

3. The Bootcamp Day & Final Pitch Day requires the team representative(s) to be equipped with a laptop(s) that has these functions:-

i. Video Camera – so that they can access Zoom software to attend all sessions (please download the desktop Zoom app from this link before attending the Bootcamp)

ii. Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides or Apple Keynote software or any other presentation software – This is to enable the representative(s) to work on the pitch deck.

4. Lastly, the team representative(s) are also responsible to prepare and provide any other items, ie. computer peripherals, tablets, mobile phones, other hardwares in order to successfully demonstrate your team’s solutions clearly to the judges during final pitch.

1. An official email will be sent out to the top 3 winners for the SPRINT category ONE day after the event. The email will be explaining steps in order to claim the cash money prize.

2. Similarly, an official email will be sent out to the top 3 winners for the MARATHON category ONE day after the event. The email will be explaining all the steps involved in claiming the RM 250,000 government conditional grant.

3. Disbursement process by Cradle will take reasonable time to complete. Along the process, Team Leaders of the winning teams will be required to physically visit the Cradle Office in Level 20, Menara Sunway Putra, Kuala Lumpur. This applies for both SPRINT & MARATHON Category winners.

4. All team leaders & team members of the winning teams for the Marathon category will need to undertake some due diligence process which will be done by Cradle. The team leader will also be asked to either setup a new Sdn. Bhd. company or use an existing Sdn. Bhd. company, for the purpose of signing agreement with Cradle. (The team leader must be the majority shareholder in the company & also a mandatory signatory for the agreement with Cradle. Cradle shall advise further on the complete terms & conditions)

5. All visitors to the Cradle office, are required to strictly adhere to MKN’s Covid-19 SOP. You will not be allowed to visit if you have just returned from a Red Area/PKPD area in the last 14 days and/or you are displaying any Covid-19 symptoms.

1. All of the 18 Marathon Winning teams (3 teams x 6 MYHackathon events) MUST attend a 1 day virtual event on 19th December 2020 (Saturday), 9.00 am – 5.00pm.

2. The showcase finale virtual event will be done fully online via the Zoom Video Call software. (No physical attendance needed by team members)

3. The showcase finale is a demo day pitch event. All 18 winning teams will be required to pitch their solutions to a delegation of Angel Investors, Venture Capital companies and Corporates for possible additional funding for their project. (This is on a willing buyer, willing seller basis which funding is given by investors in return for equity in a startups company)

4. The format for the demo day pitch will be exactly like your final pitch. Each team will be represented by the team leader and a team member chosen by the team. The format of the pitch is also 5 minutes pitch and 5 minutes Q&A.

5. Virtual Booths will also be provided for all 18 winners during the Showcase Finale virtual event. This is for the winning teams to demonstrate their solutions to online visitors, together with booths from other successful Malaysia technology startups. These virtual booths will be visited by various ministers, high ranking government officials, private companies & general public.